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Lóderer Plastic Surgery

Overweight and plastic surgery with highly skilled doctors. Cosmetic and aesthetic surgical procedures in our clinic for your beauty. Make an appointment for your first consultation!

Dr. Zoltán Lóderer PhD surgeon-, plastic surgeon

Dr. Zoltán Lóderer PhD is a surgeon with 20 years of experience in the field of surgery, plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery.

Under his leadership, our close-knit team of physicians performs surgeries and procedures throughout the country, taking into account the needs and capabilities of our patients.

Dr. Zoltán Lóderer PhD specializes in performing consumer surgeries with great care. Our clinic also offers reconstructive procedures and cosmetic procedures under local anesthesia by expert doctors.

lóderer plasztikai sebészet


Gastric bypass surgery

Gastric restrictive surgery

Gastric band surgery


Upper eyelid surgery

Lip filling


Breast lift

Breast augmentation

Breast reduction

Breast implant

Breast plastic surgery



Intimate plastic surgery

Labia minora


Facial plastic surgery

Wrinkle filling

Hyaluron wrinkle filling

Ear surgery

Nose correction


Brow lift

Plasztikai sebészet Budapest

Lóderer Plastic Surgery locations

Initial consultations are available in Budapest and Balatonfüred in a reliable, relaxed atmosphere. Excellent accessibility is available in the heart of Budapest and Balatonfüred. Since it is usually a big decision for patients to make the first step, we try to give everyone a warm, attentive welcome. Whatever procedure you are looking for, we will answer your questions with patience and great expertise.

We have the highest professional standards on our premises, with professional diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

If you are looking for a beautiful, finely-tuned appearance, or want to solve a long-standing aesthetic problem, make an appointment for an initial consultation!

The team

Why Lóderer Plastic Surgery?

Quality first

For us, premium quality and patient satisfaction are our top priorities – to achieve this, we carefully prepare each operation and carry out thorough preliminary examinations.

Quality plastic surgery

During surgery, we use state-of-the-art medical equipment to perform more precise and safe operations. Our high-tech equipment guarantees an aesthetic appearance that reflects 100% of our patient’s wishes.

Our doctors not only perform plastic surgery but also support patients throughout their recovery. We ensure a quick and smooth recovery with regular check-ups. Our mission is not only to care for the body but also for the soul, so our goal is to help our patients achieve a sense of balance and satisfaction with their appearance after successful procedures.

We are experts in more than 10 areas of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery procedures are available under local anesthesia and general anesthesia, and we offer the widest range of services. In addition to popular eyelid and breast plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, reduction or lift, we also perform hyaluronic acid treatments, complex procedures requiring considerable expertise, trendy fox eye surgery, and modern threading facial rejuvenation.

We can do

Our patients’ imagination plays a huge role in aesthetic surgery. Our surgeons always listen to your ideas and create a treatment plan that fits the body part, is medically safe and the patient is satisfied with the result.

Korszerű plasztikai műtétek

Advanced plastic surgery for all

Contrary to misconceptions, plastic surgery is not a modern-day phenomenon: procedures were performed in ancient Egypt, but plastic surgery has since become more diverse and accessible to a wider audience. In addition to aesthetic and cosmetic procedures, we now also perform a large number of reconstructive procedures in our clinic, and consumer surgery is one of our prominent services.

Plastic surgery has been at the forefront of medical science over the last 10 to 15 years, and today we are able to work with state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. At Lóderer Plastic Surgery, we pay special attention to safe operations, and our high-tech equipment is a great help in this. We are also equipped to perform non-invasive (non-invasive) procedures, which can, for example, effectively reduce the signs of aging. Our team also represents a new era in body contouring methods: in addition to painless plastic surgery, we also focus on a fast recovery.